About us

What is Vegevedge

Vegevedge is a Montreal-based jewelry brand of hand crafted funky, original, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Specializing in earrings and necklaces, Vegevedge showcases an exquisite fusion of art and craftsmanship, ensuring each creation exudes unmatched allure and caters to diverse tastes. Vegevedge takes pride in handcrafting every jewelry piece, exemplifying a meticulous approach that ensures each item is an exceptional work of wearable art. Employing real pearls and stainless steel, renowned for its durability and hypoallergenic properties, the brand presents not only stunning aesthetics but also a commitment to comfort, quality and longevity. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic pulse of Montreal's vibrant arts scene, the jewelry encapsulates the city's spirit and celebrates individuality. The amalgamation of colors and forms results in a symphony of eclectic beauty that tantalizes the senses. Vegevedge's artistic vision embraces diversity and inclusivity, evident in their versatile designs catering to all different styles.

Who is Vegevedge

Vegevedge was created by Gabrielle White in 2019. She makes every single piece by hand with tremendous love, patience and precision. Each and every product is thought of, designed, executed, packaged and shipped by her. This solo creating embodies passion and versatility, with the artist managing every aspect of the creative journey. From design conception to the final product, Vegevedge's dedication shines, creating funky and original jewelry that celebrates individuality.